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January 28, 2014

Stitch From Stash January Update

Mel from Epic Stitching has organized a Stitch From Stash Group for 2014.  We are challenged to stitch from our stash with an allowance of not more than $25.00 per month for stitching stash.  I have so much stash that this sounded like fun.  I'm hoping to spend very little on stitching supplies this year - maybe fabric or a thread here and there but that's it :)  

I've stitched a few little things this month that I'll be sharing later.  

This month I have spend $0.00 with $25.00 carried over to February.  I stitched a portion of Just Nan's Harmony Sampler - Winter.  The fabric is showing lighter than it actually is.  Its more of a dark teal.  The little pillow looks so much better in person  (not so wonky!), lots of pearls and sparkling snowflakes. 

Just Nan - Harmony
32 Count Amsterdam Blue Belfast Linen
Substituded the Overdyed Silk threads for white dmc 
Snowflakes with white and blending filament

 Have a lovely day,

Newfie Princess


  1. Congratulations on your no spending month. Love the little pillow finish. What's the WIP in your header? (I'm a sucker for holly)

    1. Hello, welcome :) The wip is Prairie Schooler's Christmas Ark. Book 32. I'm a huge PS fan and have been collecting their books for a while. Every time I see it I think I should haul it out and work on it some more.