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April 20, 2014

Easter Stitching

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter.  A little Easter stitching to share.

Farm Fresh by The Prairie Schooler
32 Count Antique White Linen with charted DMC Threads

March 28, 2014

Just Nan Stitch Along Update

Just had one more small block of blue to do in one of the bands when I realized that I was off by one thread :(  Nuts!  Thought I was done this one.  Here is a picture of where I left it this morning.

Stitch From Stash Update

I had forgotten all about this little cutie that I found when going through my little box of unfinished stitching.  I like this one and will finish it into a pin cushion.

I missed posting last month but would like to say that I have not purchased any stash for the last 3 months.  That puts me at $75.00 carry over to April.  Ah...April.  We may be heading south for a road trip ( 200 miles) where there is a very nice stitching shop.  No stitching shop where I live.  Fingers crossed.  So wanting to get more variegated silk floss and more linen!

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful evening where ever you are :)

Newfie Princess

February 15, 2014

Present for Mr. Organized

Made a little stitching present for Mr. Organized.  He had asked me to make him a little pouch for is Ipod last year.  So I decided to make one for him for Valentine's Day.  It's simple but he likes it.  Lined with the fabric it's lying on.  (All from Stash)

32 Count Natural Linen
DMC thread

Have a wonderful day,

Newfie Princess

February 14, 2014

Welcome Valentine :)

Hello, just a little post to wish you all a lovely Valentine Day.  I was unpacking another box and came across a stitched cloth I did maybe 25 years ago.  I had forgotten all about it.  It's a bread cloth for this special day!

And I have been stitching a special something for my smalls basket.  Blackbird Designs with charted threads.  I'll make it into a pin cushion.

...and there you have it.  My little stitchy ode to St. Valentine.

Have a wonderful day,

Newfie Princess

January 30, 2014

Just Nan Stitch Along 2014

Thank you for your kind comments on my Just Nan's Berry Pin Keep.  I was asked what DMC flower thread I substituted for the DMC Medici Thread.  This is what I used - Medicis Wool to DMC flower Thread: 8120 to 2841, 8501 - 2842, 8502 to 2644 and 8839 to 2640. 

My Just Nan check in piece is Memory Stocking from the 1999 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornaments Collection.  It's not very big,  3" wide by 4.5 inches tall.  I hope to have the finishing completed for the February check in :)  Not sure about the pearl button,  just a thought for now.

Just Nan - Memory Stocking
1999 Christmas Ornaments Collection
32 Count Antique White Linen
DMC Threads as charted

Have a great day! 

Newfie Princess :)

January 29, 2014

2014 Smalls SAL January Update

A couple of stitching projects I have been working on.  I am also taking part in the Just Nan SAL and have been on a Just Nan spree.  I have many of the old Just Nan charts and a few new ones I have picked up in the last couple of years.  This SAL has me hauling everything out and diving in.  I'm going to try and stitch as many of these projects as I can this year.  So many pretty things.  Luckily they will all qualify for the three SALs I have joined for 2014.  All buttons on the right if you want to take a peak at what everyone is doing.  No progress on my Prairie Schooler Santa's Night though.

Here are my two little projects.

Berry by Just Nan - 1997 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Collection.  It called for DMC Medici Thread which I did not have.  But I did have DMC flower thread.  Similar I thought in that it has no sheen.  I googled for Medici Colour Chart and finally found one so I could pick my threads hoping similar to the ones called for.  I think it turned out fine.  The flat thread with the regular DMC for the collar and flowers in ear are a wonderful contrast.    Started, stitched and finished this month.  Yippee!  

Just Nan - Berry
1997 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Collection
32 Count Cream Linen
DMC Flower Thread

I must remember to take pictures in landscape mode so this doesn't happen again lol.  Working on one portion of the Just Nan Christmas Wallet.  I just want a little pin keep.  I have no intention of making the wallet.  The colours are very pretty.  Again stitching from stash.  I used raw linen instead of the checkered called for.

Have a wonderful day!

Newfie Princess

January 28, 2014

Stitch From Stash January Update

Mel from Epic Stitching has organized a Stitch From Stash Group for 2014.  We are challenged to stitch from our stash with an allowance of not more than $25.00 per month for stitching stash.  I have so much stash that this sounded like fun.  I'm hoping to spend very little on stitching supplies this year - maybe fabric or a thread here and there but that's it :)  

I've stitched a few little things this month that I'll be sharing later.  

This month I have spend $0.00 with $25.00 carried over to February.  I stitched a portion of Just Nan's Harmony Sampler - Winter.  The fabric is showing lighter than it actually is.  Its more of a dark teal.  The little pillow looks so much better in person  (not so wonky!), lots of pearls and sparkling snowflakes. 

Just Nan - Harmony
32 Count Amsterdam Blue Belfast Linen
Substituded the Overdyed Silk threads for white dmc 
Snowflakes with white and blending filament

 Have a lovely day,

Newfie Princess

January 02, 2014

2013 Stitching

An update on my stitching for the last year.  No ironing, just pulled them out of my basket :)

Hoots! by Just Nan

Calico Cat by Charley Harper

Frog - by Charley Harper

Happy Fall - Home Spun Elegance
Freebie found Here

Making Progress on my Pumpkin Pocket.

Prairie Schooler (Got to find my leaflet for name)

Prairie Schooler - Prairie Seasons

Brooks Books Autumn Pantry.  You can sign up to join the yahoo group to get her other free patterns Here

"Not I" by Homespun Elegance

Vintage Witch  by Little Stitcher
Freebie Here

Finished stitching my Something Wicked This Way Comes by La D Da

Making progress on Santa's Night by Prairie Schooler 

...and I will start this project and work on it during this coming year.  It is called A Canadian Journey Sewing Necessaire by Giulia Punti Antichi  I saw it on another blog and have been collecting the bits and pieces to complete it.  The last thing I have to get is the dark green silk for the lining.  I love the story that goes with this piece.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year full of possibilities.

Have a wonderful evening,

Newfie Princess