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January 31, 2013

Hello 2013!

Just finished this little freebie by Brookes Books called New Year's Magic.  It is so pretty.  I haven't been stitching for too long a time and it was great to work with the needle again.  I have also started stitching one of her Bride's Tree Heirloom Ornaments - Home.  I love the freebie couple she gave to make a box topper to hold all 12 of the ornaments.

Very cold here today -42C so I will stay inside and do a little stitching.  Have a wonderful day.

Newfie Princess


  1. WOW It's soooooooo cute! I'm hanging onto that link and going to look it up. I just cannot resist! Come back to NL - only +10 here today (now mind you that's the first time it's been above -5 for about a month...)

  2. ohhh thats pretty and coooooo thats a wee bit cold .... think I would stay inside and stitch too :) love mouse xxxxxx