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June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

Beautiful sunny day here with celebrations happening all over the city.  Fireworks tonight - we have to wait until 12:00 midnight for it to get a little darker to be able to see them.  Yes, living up north does have its challenges.  We had a drive in movie theatre one time, it didn't stay in business long.  It never got dark enough in the summer to see the film and the exhaust from the running cars made it impossible to see it in the winter.

I found this lovely maple leaf biscornu freebie by Gitta (Maple Leaf Biscornu) and had to stitch it up.  And finish it!  It was a nice easy project.  I am definately stitching up another freebie of her's - an orca whale.

25 Count Luganda Christmas Red and Cream fabrics
Gloriana Silk Poinsettia Thread
Thread Gather Silk 'N Colours Prairie Winter
Mill Hill Pearl Cream and Pearl Red Beads
Antique red glass button and cream shell button

Wishing you a happy day where every you may be...

Newfie Princess

June 23, 2012

Castello Sal

Niky's Creations and Lilli Violette have created two mystery sals.  You must email the creators to get the charts.  Here is my completed step 2 of Niky's Creations offering.  I have just gotten the charts for Lilli Violette's Sal.  Its very pretty as you can see.  It will be interesting to piece two cross stitched linen pieces together as part of a picture.

Step Two of Lilli Violette's Sal.  So pretty!  Translation button on the side of her blog.

Click here:  Lilli Violette Sal

My progression of Niky's Creations Sal.

Click here:  Nikys Creations Sal

June 17, 2012

New Sal

I've signed up for a new sal.  I am looking forward to learning how to make this beautiful sewing set.

The fun part - choosing my fabrics and thread!  This sal will last through to the end of November.  The author is  Thankful for the sharing from this generous person Amega.  Over 300 person over the world has signed up for this sal.  Thank you.

June 11, 2012


We've been having a little bit of fun after working so hard this past spring.   We packed up the '76 Boler and went camping at Sir Winston Churchill Park for a long weekend  (Neat provincial park - it's an island in a lake).  The weather was perfect - lots of sun and warm at night.  A little walking, a little biking, lots of talking, lots of laughing, lots of good food and lots of GT's.  Gosh, we had such a good time.  Can't wait to go again.  Hello Summer!

 We are in love with our little camper.  She's a '76 Honey Boler (we think) - 13 feet long .  We bought her last year from a couple who at totally rejuvenated the important workings and frame.  The little tent is our garage :)  We keep our bikes in there.

Beautiful walking trails.

 And yes, we glamp!  Crystal, silver and china with a linen table cloth.  Helping the environment where we can lol.  Best coffee in the world made on our camp stove with a retro glass coffee percolator served in a chocolate mug I got at a flee market in France.  It has soft pink roses on the side.

 Gotta have these!

 GT's on hot sunny afternoons - yum!

Here we are all rigged up to go home - but first a little stop to find a geocache.

This one was created by the local Girl Guides.  Sweet little find.  Sigh...hard to say good bye to such a wonderful weekend.

...and now for some stitching updates.  I've started the Papillon Sal Around the World in 80 Stitches.  I'm looking forward to learning these new stitches.

I've finished stitching this little etui.  A freebie from Jura Point De Croix.  She has many wonderful designs to share.

I finished this little project and thinking of making a pin keep.  Not sure - I've never made one before.  It's called Pleasant Words by Elizabeth Foster.

Off to stitch on my Dawn of Spring Sal.  Have a wonderful day!  Newfie Princess