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October 14, 2012

It's Great To Be Back

Wow, summer went by so fast and we had such great times together.  Just picking up the needle again and it feels so good.  This post will be picture heavy :)

First, we had a blast in Banff and enjoyed Johnny's concert.  Lots of south Africans living in the province journeyed to hear a little bit of home.

Rocky Mountains and our friends Camper
Then we were off to go to Edmonton for a few days and I did visit my little stitching shop:

Feeding my Prairie Schooler Addiction!
Love these  new Quaker pincushions and on the back I can use vintage large buttons I've had in my stash forever and a beautiful selection of over dyed felt.

Pretty beads to add to my stash.

Lovely over dyed flosses and...

new linen.   Yipee!  Such a fun time in the shop.
We got to go camping twice more this summer.  Great times with friends at Cross Lake and Gregoire Lake.

Then it became fall.  A look out my window.  In between I nursed my daughter through a surgery and she is just fine.  I had lasik surgery on both my eyes.  No more glasses or bifocals for me!  Still healing and having difficulty seeing very close up.  Makes stitching challenging but a little magnifier necklace makes everything look just right.  Finished my prairie schooler santa...

Honey surprised me with a trip to San Fransisco two weeks ago.  All he said was pack, these are the temperatures, take comfortable walking shoes and away we went.  Wow, such a beautiful place.  Great food and he also surprised me with a helicopter trip over and under the Golden Gate Bridge!!!!

First time in a helicopter and I got to ride in the front seat with the pilot.  Oh, my!  Too exciting for words ;)

Yup, my foot on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then we came home to this - sigh...well it had to happen I guess.

and now I cannot find my little Halloween project I was going to stitch.  The one with the coffin and needle book.  So I decided to start The Pumpkin Pocket by Drawn Thread.  It's done on 26 count linen which is healing eyes friendly.

The Drawn Thread - The Pumpkin Pocket

Well, hope I haven't bored you too to much, ha ha.  Looking forward to seeing all your stitching projects.

Newfie Princess

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  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great summer! We went through the Rockies to get to first time and I was astounded by its beauty. Amazing stash haul you got there! Love the quaker pincushions!! Glad to hear that your lasik eye surgery was'll be an adjustment with stitching for sure. You got snow, we got rain here. I'd much rather have snow!!