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October 31, 2012

The Witch Is In

Just finished this little chart from Prairie Schooler.  Maybe I won't put it away after Halloween.  Maybe it may need to come out at other times of the year! (ha, ha - just saying).

Prairie Schooler - Country Wise Book 130
Stitched on 28 count lambs wool linen with recommended DMC Threads

Also made good progress on my pumpkin pocket.  Really enjoyed working with Valdani thread for the first time.  No snagging and lies flat.  The stitching of the pumpkin was interesting to do too.  I like the texture.

The Drawn Thread - The Pumpkin Pocket
Stitched on 26 count natural linen with recommended threads

My daughter came over a few evening ago and we did our annual carving of the pumpkins.  We had so much fun recalling old tales of trick or treating.  The poke a dot pumpkin was super easy to do.  I had the brilliant idea of using an apple corer - fast and easy.    Loved the effect.  Also, if you want to carve your pumpkins early and keep them in perfect condition for the special night, just submerge them in water.  Works like a charm (tee hee hee)

Honey did the skull and daughter and I did the cutsie ones.

Honey and I treated two of our friends to tickets to see Stewart McLean last evening. They are great fans of his too.  We laughed and laughed and were awed by the musicians.  If you have never heard any of his stories you are missing out.  Funny stories about a family of 4 - sweet clean fun.  There are many on youtube.  Take a listen.  He has a wonderful voice.  I  was listening to one of his stories a couple of days ago while driving.  He is on CBC radio in the afternoons now.  The story was so funny, I started crying.  Wiping my eyes and trying to stay focused on the road while laughing uncontrollably.  People at the traffic lights though I was having a bad day - ha ha ha.

and I could not leave without giving an update of the view from my sewing room window.  Good Bye Autumn ~Hello Winter.

Happy Halloween Everyone!   I don't know why the pictures are showing up twice!!  

Newfie Princess

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  1. Love the witchy stitch and the pumpkin :) I like experimenting with speciality stitches just because it's new and adds a little something to a project... but not a whole chart. I did one recently and I thought it would never end haha.

    Keep that snow out west!!! however beautiful it is :)

    Happy Stitching!