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July 22, 2012

Celebrate Good Times...

Had a lovely day with lots of time to work on my stitching.  Finished two projects and celebrating with a martini!

Learning to cut fabric again after 20 years or so.  Trying to remember how to trust the ruler and not the cutting pad.  lol.  Yup learning.  The top piece is a little freebie from Niky's Creations blog.  I stitched it on 32 count french lace one over two.  I wasn't sure what to do with it until I came across crocettandofralepest blog.  She has many wonderful rustic finishes and I tried to make similar finishes without a pattern.  It was trial and error.  The fabric for the needle book is from an old jacket of mine that I cut the arm out of to make it.  Yup, seams and all.  The first one didn't work.  I had tried sewing the felt into the book with the machine and didn't put any stabiliser in the rest of the fabric.  Disaster!  Floppy and mishapped.  So, I tried again.  Thankfully my jacket had two arms :).  It's good to get back to sewing and doing primitive to start is good.  It didn't have to be perfect.  Oh, yes, kept forgetting to sew in the ribbon for closure.   

This is how it looks inside...

Well another picture of the outside first...

and inside.  I  figured out that I had to sew the felt to the top of the fabric.  The colour is too light.  It's really a dark yellow like the sunflower.

The second finish features my finished sal from Niky's creations and is a hussif to keep my stitching project in.  The same web site is the inspiration as the needle book.

I used quilting fabric and lined it with flannel.

It's lumpy looking 'cause I got stuff inside :)

These safety pins are great for holding floss bobbins.

This is another freebie from Niky.  It was for valentine's day.  I used the recommended floss colour using DMC's flower thread.  One strand is like using two regular strands and it has no sheen. Both stitched on 32 count french lace using one over two.

Thanks Niky for the sweet sal.

This is the thread that I used to blanket stitch.  I didn't have pearl cotton in the right thickness or colour so I doubled up and used it for everything.  Doubled it up to crochet the ties for the whole project too.  I also used vintage shell buttons for the whole project.  I had them stashed just for something special.  Loving the flower buttons they are big enough to use as thread winders.

Another Prairie Schooler Santa finished and another one started.  I have a lot of stair rails that need embellishing this Christmas Season!

The view from my stitching room.  These trails go for miles all through the city.  So peaceful and wonderful to walk.  Thank you to my new followers and wishing you all a very wonderful day.  

Newfie Princess


  1. Lovely finishes, and those PS Santas are looking great.
    I love your view, it's so peaceful looking.
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog :) I've followed yours in return!!!
    It's always great to connect with a fellow Canadian on here but another Newfounder!!! HURRAY! As you can see lots of exclamation marks haha.

    What lovely stitching. And I love the finish you created with the mystery SAL pattern!!!! Love it!

    Looking forward to seeing LOTS more :)


  3. Wow, beautiful works♥ My favourite is the hussif with Niky's motifs.
    Have a nice weekend!