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June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

Beautiful sunny day here with celebrations happening all over the city.  Fireworks tonight - we have to wait until 12:00 midnight for it to get a little darker to be able to see them.  Yes, living up north does have its challenges.  We had a drive in movie theatre one time, it didn't stay in business long.  It never got dark enough in the summer to see the film and the exhaust from the running cars made it impossible to see it in the winter.

I found this lovely maple leaf biscornu freebie by Gitta (Maple Leaf Biscornu) and had to stitch it up.  And finish it!  It was a nice easy project.  I am definately stitching up another freebie of her's - an orca whale.

25 Count Luganda Christmas Red and Cream fabrics
Gloriana Silk Poinsettia Thread
Thread Gather Silk 'N Colours Prairie Winter
Mill Hill Pearl Cream and Pearl Red Beads
Antique red glass button and cream shell button

Wishing you a happy day where every you may be...

Newfie Princess


  1. Lovely biscornu!

    I like your other stitching very much!

  2. I adore biscornus and yours is beautiful!

  3. I see biscornus all the time, but rarely with the use of two different color fabrics like this ~ the result is quite stunning, very pretty!