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June 23, 2012

Castello Sal

Niky's Creations and Lilli Violette have created two mystery sals.  You must email the creators to get the charts.  Here is my completed step 2 of Niky's Creations offering.  I have just gotten the charts for Lilli Violette's Sal.  Its very pretty as you can see.  It will be interesting to piece two cross stitched linen pieces together as part of a picture.

Step Two of Lilli Violette's Sal.  So pretty!  Translation button on the side of her blog.

Click here:  Lilli Violette Sal

My progression of Niky's Creations Sal.

Click here:  Nikys Creations Sal


  1. oooo lovely sals :) can't wait to see the progress on these ones :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!!