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November 05, 2012

25 Days of Christmas and 25 give-aways! Enter Now!!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is giving away stitching supplies every day for 25 Days of Christmas!  Hurry over and sign up to be a follower to have an opportunity to win!  I did :)

Newfie Princess

October 31, 2012

The Witch Is In

Just finished this little chart from Prairie Schooler.  Maybe I won't put it away after Halloween.  Maybe it may need to come out at other times of the year! (ha, ha - just saying).

Prairie Schooler - Country Wise Book 130
Stitched on 28 count lambs wool linen with recommended DMC Threads

Also made good progress on my pumpkin pocket.  Really enjoyed working with Valdani thread for the first time.  No snagging and lies flat.  The stitching of the pumpkin was interesting to do too.  I like the texture.

The Drawn Thread - The Pumpkin Pocket
Stitched on 26 count natural linen with recommended threads

My daughter came over a few evening ago and we did our annual carving of the pumpkins.  We had so much fun recalling old tales of trick or treating.  The poke a dot pumpkin was super easy to do.  I had the brilliant idea of using an apple corer - fast and easy.    Loved the effect.  Also, if you want to carve your pumpkins early and keep them in perfect condition for the special night, just submerge them in water.  Works like a charm (tee hee hee)

Honey did the skull and daughter and I did the cutsie ones.

Honey and I treated two of our friends to tickets to see Stewart McLean last evening. They are great fans of his too.  We laughed and laughed and were awed by the musicians.  If you have never heard any of his stories you are missing out.  Funny stories about a family of 4 - sweet clean fun.  There are many on youtube.  Take a listen.  He has a wonderful voice.  I  was listening to one of his stories a couple of days ago while driving.  He is on CBC radio in the afternoons now.  The story was so funny, I started crying.  Wiping my eyes and trying to stay focused on the road while laughing uncontrollably.  People at the traffic lights though I was having a bad day - ha ha ha.

and I could not leave without giving an update of the view from my sewing room window.  Good Bye Autumn ~Hello Winter.

Happy Halloween Everyone!   I don't know why the pictures are showing up twice!!  

Newfie Princess

October 14, 2012

It's Great To Be Back

Wow, summer went by so fast and we had such great times together.  Just picking up the needle again and it feels so good.  This post will be picture heavy :)

First, we had a blast in Banff and enjoyed Johnny's concert.  Lots of south Africans living in the province journeyed to hear a little bit of home.

Rocky Mountains and our friends Camper
Then we were off to go to Edmonton for a few days and I did visit my little stitching shop:

Feeding my Prairie Schooler Addiction!
Love these  new Quaker pincushions and on the back I can use vintage large buttons I've had in my stash forever and a beautiful selection of over dyed felt.

Pretty beads to add to my stash.

Lovely over dyed flosses and...

new linen.   Yipee!  Such a fun time in the shop.
We got to go camping twice more this summer.  Great times with friends at Cross Lake and Gregoire Lake.

Then it became fall.  A look out my window.  In between I nursed my daughter through a surgery and she is just fine.  I had lasik surgery on both my eyes.  No more glasses or bifocals for me!  Still healing and having difficulty seeing very close up.  Makes stitching challenging but a little magnifier necklace makes everything look just right.  Finished my prairie schooler santa...

Honey surprised me with a trip to San Fransisco two weeks ago.  All he said was pack, these are the temperatures, take comfortable walking shoes and away we went.  Wow, such a beautiful place.  Great food and he also surprised me with a helicopter trip over and under the Golden Gate Bridge!!!!

First time in a helicopter and I got to ride in the front seat with the pilot.  Oh, my!  Too exciting for words ;)

Yup, my foot on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then we came home to this - sigh...well it had to happen I guess.

and now I cannot find my little Halloween project I was going to stitch.  The one with the coffin and needle book.  So I decided to start The Pumpkin Pocket by Drawn Thread.  It's done on 26 count linen which is healing eyes friendly.

The Drawn Thread - The Pumpkin Pocket

Well, hope I haven't bored you too to much, ha ha.  Looking forward to seeing all your stitching projects.

Newfie Princess

July 25, 2012

And we are off....

Yippee!  We are off on a camping adventure for a couple of weeks!  Travelling to Baniff with a couple of South African friends to camp at the provincial park and take in a  Johnny Clegg concert on Sunday evening.

Then up to Edmonton to visit our condo and do a little shopping at West Edmonton Mall (and a little stitching shop :).  Mid week  off to another provincial park with our little boler for 8 days of bliss and lots of stitching time!  Hoping to make good progress on more Prairie Schooler Santa's and a little Halloween start.

Blue Ribbon Designs - Creepy Crawly

 TaTa for now!!

July 22, 2012

Celebrate Good Times...

Had a lovely day with lots of time to work on my stitching.  Finished two projects and celebrating with a martini!

Learning to cut fabric again after 20 years or so.  Trying to remember how to trust the ruler and not the cutting pad.  lol.  Yup learning.  The top piece is a little freebie from Niky's Creations blog.  I stitched it on 32 count french lace one over two.  I wasn't sure what to do with it until I came across crocettandofralepest blog.  She has many wonderful rustic finishes and I tried to make similar finishes without a pattern.  It was trial and error.  The fabric for the needle book is from an old jacket of mine that I cut the arm out of to make it.  Yup, seams and all.  The first one didn't work.  I had tried sewing the felt into the book with the machine and didn't put any stabiliser in the rest of the fabric.  Disaster!  Floppy and mishapped.  So, I tried again.  Thankfully my jacket had two arms :).  It's good to get back to sewing and doing primitive to start is good.  It didn't have to be perfect.  Oh, yes, kept forgetting to sew in the ribbon for closure.   

This is how it looks inside...

Well another picture of the outside first...

and inside.  I  figured out that I had to sew the felt to the top of the fabric.  The colour is too light.  It's really a dark yellow like the sunflower.

The second finish features my finished sal from Niky's creations and is a hussif to keep my stitching project in.  The same web site is the inspiration as the needle book.

I used quilting fabric and lined it with flannel.

It's lumpy looking 'cause I got stuff inside :)

These safety pins are great for holding floss bobbins.

This is another freebie from Niky.  It was for valentine's day.  I used the recommended floss colour using DMC's flower thread.  One strand is like using two regular strands and it has no sheen. Both stitched on 32 count french lace using one over two.

Thanks Niky for the sweet sal.

This is the thread that I used to blanket stitch.  I didn't have pearl cotton in the right thickness or colour so I doubled up and used it for everything.  Doubled it up to crochet the ties for the whole project too.  I also used vintage shell buttons for the whole project.  I had them stashed just for something special.  Loving the flower buttons they are big enough to use as thread winders.

Another Prairie Schooler Santa finished and another one started.  I have a lot of stair rails that need embellishing this Christmas Season!

The view from my stitching room.  These trails go for miles all through the city.  So peaceful and wonderful to walk.  Thank you to my new followers and wishing you all a very wonderful day.  

Newfie Princess

July 18, 2012

Christmas in July

Enjoying the summer in our new house, listening to the birds sing while I sip my coffee and do a little stitching.  I've been picking away at a few Christmas Prairie Schooler charts.

Prairie Schooler Book 175 - Santa's Night
2 over 2 on 18 count black aida with recommended DMC floss

Prairie Schooler 2009 Limited Edition Kit - Must be Santa

Prairie Schooler Book 62 - Kris Kringle and alphabet freebie,
stitched on Lakeside linen 32 count - pear with recommended dmc floss

Have a lovely July everyone,

Newfie Princess

June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

Beautiful sunny day here with celebrations happening all over the city.  Fireworks tonight - we have to wait until 12:00 midnight for it to get a little darker to be able to see them.  Yes, living up north does have its challenges.  We had a drive in movie theatre one time, it didn't stay in business long.  It never got dark enough in the summer to see the film and the exhaust from the running cars made it impossible to see it in the winter.

I found this lovely maple leaf biscornu freebie by Gitta (Maple Leaf Biscornu) and had to stitch it up.  And finish it!  It was a nice easy project.  I am definately stitching up another freebie of her's - an orca whale.

25 Count Luganda Christmas Red and Cream fabrics
Gloriana Silk Poinsettia Thread
Thread Gather Silk 'N Colours Prairie Winter
Mill Hill Pearl Cream and Pearl Red Beads
Antique red glass button and cream shell button

Wishing you a happy day where every you may be...

Newfie Princess

June 23, 2012

Castello Sal

Niky's Creations and Lilli Violette have created two mystery sals.  You must email the creators to get the charts.  Here is my completed step 2 of Niky's Creations offering.  I have just gotten the charts for Lilli Violette's Sal.  Its very pretty as you can see.  It will be interesting to piece two cross stitched linen pieces together as part of a picture.

Step Two of Lilli Violette's Sal.  So pretty!  Translation button on the side of her blog.

Click here:  Lilli Violette Sal

My progression of Niky's Creations Sal.

Click here:  Nikys Creations Sal